I had anxiety so bad I couldn’t go to school

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“Before I started Neurofeedback, I had anxiety so bad I couldn’t go to school, or see friends. After a few months of NF, I was back in school, on the honor roll and had a new job. NF has been like a miracle in my life. I can’t thank Deb enough—she’s always very personable and caring. She made me feel comfortable and safe.”
– AT

Debra Burdick, LCSW, BCN, also known as ‘The Brain Lady’, is an international expert on ADHD and Mindfulness. She is an award-winning, #1 best-selling author of: Mindfulness Skills Workbook, Mindfulness Skills for Kids and Teens, ADHD: Non-Medication Treatments and Skills for Children and Teens and Mindfulness for Teens with ADHD. She is an international speaker and retired psychotherapist and neurotherapist, who has been helping all ages thrive for over 30 years.

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