Transforming Stress
3- part teletraining



If you are like many people today, you are constantly exposed to stressors, both good and bad. This training will help you understand stress, recognize the signs of stress overload, and teach you effective skills for reducing and managing it.

It will give you the tools and techniques you need to transform stress into the success you desire in your life.

Have you ever felt stressed out, checked out, and tuned out?

Do you ever have trouble concentrating and getting things done?

Are you more forgetful than usual?


Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself?
Is your mood negatively affected by what goes on during the day?
Do you feel like you are always running behind?
Are your thoughts racing, negative, or anxious?
Do you find yourself snapping at your loved ones?
Do you feel like there simply isn’t enough time to get everything done?
Are there nights when your mind is too busy to sleep?
Is your relationship, work, or finances stressing you out?
When stressed out do you experience headaches, a stiff neck and shoulder or stomach pain?
Do you worry about what happened during the day or what is going to happen tomorrow?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed?
Do you ever feel stuck in your life and can’t figure out how to change it?
Are you experiencing stress related illness
Does stress get in your way of success?

If you answered “yes” to any of these then stress may be interfering with your success. The good news is you are not alone and this teletraining can help you transform stress.


In this 3-part teleseries you will learn:

How to recognize and understand stress
When stress is helpful or harmful
What stresses you MOST
Warning Signs of stress overload
How stress shows up in your body
Internal vs External sources of stress
How to change the stressor
How to change your response (internal) to stress

Techniques, skills, and activities for de-stressing

  • Relationship stress
  • Financial stress
  • Work stress
  • Health stress

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this teletraining is for you!


Do you react more strongly to stress than others do?

Do you ever wish you could understand and reduce stress?

Are you missing the signs of stress and not recognizing it soon enough?

Do you need help preventing or reducing stress?

Do you wish you knew better ways to manage the stress you experience?

Does stress prevent you from succeeding?

Do you wonder if there is a better way?

If you answered YES to any of these, then this teletraining will help you de-stress your life right away.


I am often amazed at how stressful people’s lives can be. But I am equally amazed at how quickly people can make changes either in their stressors or in their response to their stressors that help them feel better and perform better.

It turns out it’s not the stressor that’s harmful, but rather your response to the stress.

What if you could:

Get a handle on exactly what your current stressors are

Understand how stress gets in the way of success

Recognize the signs of stress more quickly
Understand how you respond to stress

Know when and how to change the stressors

Identify internal versus external sources of stress
Learn skills to transform stress in relationships and at work or in your business
Avoid stress related illness and health stress

Decrease financial stress

Get un-stuck
Feel calm, relaxed, happy, content
Practice simple techniques every day that lower your stress response?

This Transforming Stress teletraining will show you how.


Here’s the outline of the 3-part teletraining:


So who am I, and why should you listen to me?

My name is Debra Burdick, LCSW, and I initially became interested in recognizing and managing stress in order to deal with a chronic illness (now thankfully healed). I learned about how stress triggers our stress response. Then I studied and practiced valuable, research based techniques for recognizing and calming the stress response. I found this so helpful in my own life that I started teaching my clients the skills I was using. It has become more and more clear to me that stress plays a major role in emotional and physical health and that addressing stress this way can have a significantly positive impact on lives.


Transforming Stress 3-Part Teletraining

Here’s what you Get:

Instructor: Debra Burdick, LCSWR, BCN

Price: Incredibly low price of $97 for this information packed training




Here’s what others say about my workshops.

“This speaker is a very knowledgeable expert.”

~ Donna M., Counselor

“Great info, highly useful. Very knowledgeable, quite impressive.”

~ Michael K. Counselor

“Intelligent, practical & caring style.”

~ Richard L., Psychologist R.

Usually I can’t sit still in workshops but this had my undivided attention! She was wonderful. Not boring and very experiential!!”

~ Dee R., Psychologist

This workshop was one of the best (in 25 years) because there were a lot of experiential exercises and how to use the techniques to integrate in practice (over 50% of the time). Amazing woman. - It was more meaningful that she shared so many personal experiences that related. She practices what she preaches. Very creative.”

~ Barbara Hermey, PhD, PSYD, Lansdale, PA.

"I wanted to drop you a note and salute you for the fine workshop on Mindfulness you presented last week in NJ. I thought your seminar provided a solid theoretical grounding and very helpful review of the literature for Mindfulness practices and you also provided a thorough collection of substantive offerings of Mindfulness practice tools. I bring a strong personal interest, mental health and executive coaching practitioner and an academician's standpoint toward my set of learning objectives regarding Mindfulness. Your presentation met the needs arising from each of these areas.

In addition to your workshop content being high quality, I thought your presentation was equally so. I liked how, you seem to reveal parts of yourself and pleasant personality in your delivery that endeared you to your audience and enhanced their attention and interest."

~ Jack Colyar, PhD, NJ.

"The seminar on Mindfulness Toolkit in King of Prussia was one of the best CMI offers. I have keen interest in neurobiology and felt you were able to weave basic information for the audience at hand. Hope you will be back in the area. I’d recommend professional peers to be certain not to miss you."

~ Patricia Pater Green. Philadelphia, PA.

“Since I first explored the concept that ADHD was not a pathology to be medicated, but an expression of our genetic legacy (hunters, as opposed to farmers) present in most of us, I have been waiting for a community of health care providers to come up with viable alternatives to the medical approach. Deb Burdick offers a portfolio of such holistic approaches, from counseling, coaching, medication, nutrition, education, mindfulness and family dynamics to the exciting domain of neurofeedback, in which she is certified, and which I have seen work, including in my own family. As a licensed clinical social worker and the mother of a child with ADHD she offers education and a holistic approach that build wellness and wholeness beyond the current (inadequate) medical model.”

~ Thom Hartmann, PhD; psychotherapist, author The Edison Gene, radio/TV host

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