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There Is Always Something or Someone to be Thankful For

It is easy to get caught up in the busyness of life.  We often take things for granted and fail to notice and appreciate the abundance and beauty in our lives. Studies show that being mindful of what you are thankful for and even making the effort to thank someone can improve your happiness level. Take a(read more)

Is Your Child or Teen Addicted to “Screens”?

Since I was a child I have loved to play games such as board games and cards.  Earlier this year I downloaded a few computer games onto my iPad and iPhone and discovered I really enjoy playing them.  But I have noticed that sometimes I play much longer than I intended or I keep playing when I(read more)

What If You Change the Way You Look at Things?

How do you see the world?  Are you a glass half empty of glass half full person? Do you have a choice about how you look at things? In the left-hand photo of this field the plants look random and chaotic.  But in the second photo of the same plants they look orderly and organized. (read more)

Depressed? 7 Non-Drug Options That Work

If you are like most people there have been times in your life when you felt down, sad, and depressed.  Typically this feeling is short lived and passes pretty quickly.  But when it doesn’t go away and hangs around for too long, then you may be dealing with an episode of major depression. Major depression(read more)

Five Simple Steps for Improving Concentration

Being able to pay attention improves all aspects of our lives including memory, learning, relationships, stress levels, and overall mental and physical health. People have trouble concentrating for a variety of reasons.  Poor concentration is a hallmark of ADHD and is a symptom of depression, anxiety, and poor sleep.  Feeling stressed and time pressured can(read more)

ADHD, Depression, Anxiety? Or Is It Lyme Disease?

Most of us in New England and certainly here in Connecticut have heard of Lyme Disease.  It got its name from Lyme, CT as it was first officially identified there.  There are certain geographic regions where Lyme Disease is more abundant but according to the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), the disease is(read more)

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