Mindfulness - the Basics and Beyond
Intensive 3-hour teletraining



Do you ever feel discouraged, depressed or anxious and wish you knew a way to shift your mood?
Is stress a part of your life?
Do you ever feel overwhelmed?
Are you experiencing stress related illness?
Does feeling clear, peaceful, and calm sound good to you but you don’t really know how to feel that way anymore?
Is it harder to fall asleep or stay asleep than it used to be?
Is your concentration not what it should be?
Do you worry a lot?
Are your relationships a mess?
Do you wish you knew how to tap into your inner wisdom?
Is your work or business suffering because you just can’t stay focused?

If you answered YES to any of the above, I have very good news for you: You're not alone and help is here!

I hear all of these things when people first start working with me. My intensive three-week telesetraining Mindfulness-Basics and Beyond will give you skills to address all of these issues and help you make your life work better.


Have you heard about mindfulness but wondered exactly what it is and what benefits it can provide in your own life?
Would you like to learn a simple, practical way to incorporate mindfulness skills into your life without having to spend 30 minutes ‘meditating’?
Would you like to reap the emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual benefits that the compelling research on mindfulness is demonstrating?
Did you try incorporating mindfulness in your life before with less than stellar results?
Do you wonder what the difference is between mindfulness and meditation?
Do you want to get started with a meditation practice but feel overwhelmed just thinking about it?
Are you somewhat familiar with mindfulness but need a refresher?
Is it time to learn more mindfulness skills?
Would you like to be able to teach mindfulness skills to your kids, clients, or students?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this teletraining is for you!


After seeing how well mindfulness worked to manage and heal my own chronic illness I included it in my psychotherapy and neurotherapy practice. I was amazed at how quickly mindfulness helped clients feel better. It helped them with anxiety and panic, depression, sleep, stress, ADHD, concentration, hyperactivity, relationships, addictions, school and business success.

If you are like most people these days your life is busy and often stressful. You might be looking for holistic ways to manage physical and emotional health.

What if you could:

Learn to breath in a way that turns down the stress response

Be able to slow down, calm down and be more present

Be able to ‘change the channel’ in your mind
Reduce the mental clutter and gain clarity

Have more energy

Sleep better
Improve your mood, outlook, and general well being
Decrease worry

Disengage from the inner critic

Disentangle the present from the past
Concentrate better
Be mindful when eating, driving, working, making love
Enjoy every precious moment?


This Mindfulness-Basics and Beyond intensive three-week telesetraining will show you how mindfulness can help you with all these things.


During this intensive three-week teletraining you will learn:

What Mindfulness is.

How mindfulness works and why you should care.

The benefits of mindfulness and why you need it.
The basic mindfulness process revisited.
How to breathe mindfully.
How to do more advanced mindfulness skills: *we will practice skills
Body Scan, thoughts, emotions, intention, intuition, relationships, and more
How to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.
How to avoid common obstacles to success.


Here’s the outline of the teletraining:

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

This intensive 3-week teleseminar will help you:

Finally understand what mindfulness is and how it works;

Review the basics and learn more advanced practical mindfulness skills that you can easily incorporate into your daily life;

Use guided mindfulness meditations to calm down your ‘monkey brain’ and learn to be present;
Decrease anxiety, improve mood, increase concentration, sleep better;
Decrease the impact of stress on your health and well-being;
Better regulate your overall response to stress;
Create better relationships;
Tune into your intuition;
Enjoy life more!

Maybe you are saying to yourself, “I’ve tried that before but it doesn’t work for me.” I’ve heard that many times. But it turns out that many people have only tried to do a formal meditation where they sit still and try not to think for 20-30 minutes. This is intolerable for many people, especially beginners or those with anxiety or ADHD. I will show you many other ways to be mindful that you can do while you are eating, or driving, or working on a project. It’s easier than you think. We will practice the skills together.



So who am I, and why should you listen to me?

My name is Debra Burdick, LCSW, BCN, and I initially became interested in mindfulness to deal with a chronic illness (now thankfully healed). I found it so helpful in my own life that I started teaching my clients the skills I was using. I went on to develop clinical material on mindfulness skills and created a 4 step process for working with clients using mindfulness that I perfected in my private practice and in an intensive outpatient program. My clients have shown me that mindfulness skills improve the rate and quality of treatment outcomes. I now incorporate mindfulness skills in all areas of my practice.


Mindfulness- Basics and Beyond
Three-week Teletraining

Here’s what you Get:


Instructor: Debra Burdick, LCSWR, BCN

Price: Incredibly low price of $97 for this information packed training




Here’s what others say about my workshops.

'This workshop was one of the best (in 25 years) because there were a lot of experiential exercises and how to use the techniques to integrate in practice (over 50% of the time). Amazing woman. - It was more meaningful that she shared so many personal experiences that related. She practices what she preaches. Very creative.'

~ Barbara Hermey, PhD, PSYD, Lansdale, PA.


‘I wanted to drop you a note and salute you for the fine workshop on Mindfulness you presented last week in NJ. I thought your seminar provided a solid theoretical grounding and very helpful review of the literature for Mindfulness practices and you also provided a thorough collection of substantive offerings of Mindfulness practice tools. I bring a strong personal interest, mental health and executive coaching practitioner and an academician's standpoint toward my set of learning objectives regarding Mindfulness. Your presentation met the needs arising from each of these areas.

In addition to your workshop content being high quality, I thought your presentation was equally so. I liked how, you seem to reveal parts of yourself and pleasant personality in your delivery that endeared you to your audience and enhanced their attention and interest.’

~ Jack Colyar, PhD, NJ.


‘The seminar on Mindfulness Toolkit in King of Prussia was one of the best CMI offers. I have keen interest in neurobiology and felt you were able to weave basic information for the audience at hand. Hope you will be back in the area. I’d recommend professional peers to be certain not to miss you.’

~ Patricia Pater Green. Philadelphia, PA.


“Since I first explored the concept that ADHD was not a pathology to be medicated, but an expression of our genetic legacy (hunters, as opposed to farmers) present in most of us, I have been waiting for a community of health care providers to come up with viable alternatives to the medical approach. Deb Burdick offers a portfolio of such holistic approaches, from counseling, coaching, medication, nutrition, education, mindfulness and family dynamics to the exciting domain of neurofeedback, in which she is certified, and which I have seen work, including in my own family. As a licensed clinical social worker and the mother of a child with ADHD she offers education and a holistic approach that build wellness and wholeness beyond the current (inadequate) medical model.”

~ Thom Hartmann, PhD; psychotherapist, author The Edison Gene, radio/TV host


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