How to Buy Radical Self-Care When You Are Ill Card Deck

The Radical Self-Care When You Are Ill card deck is being released on, a brand-new platform that presents card decks in digital format so you can have the convenience of card decks on your phone or tablet. Because Deckible is brand new you may not yet have it on your phone.

Instructions for purchasing the deck and installing the deckible app.

  • Get your copy of Radical Self-Care When You Are Ill on for just $14.99 and start restoring your well-being NOW. (This step can be done on your computer or your phone.)
    • Click here to buy the card deck on
    • Sign Up by creating a User Name and Password
    • Complete your purchase

Install the Deckible app on your phone or tablet. (You must click these links on your phone.)

  • For Iphone -> Click Here: Deckible app for Iphone 
  • For Android-> Click Here: Deckible app for Android
  • Open the Deckible app and sign in using the UserName and Password you used when purchasing the deck on
  • Radical Self-Care When You Are Ill Deck will appear in your list of decks on the app
  • Click on the picture of the deck to use the deck (shuffle and deal and flip cards over)

Watch this video to see how the card deck works on the deckible app.

Here are the basics about Deckible:

-All the decks you ever wanted in your pocket.
-Never leave your decks at home again.
-Deckible transforms decks into a rich digital experience.
• Connect with your tribe. Play & get tactile with assorted digital decks
• Mindfully: shuffle, card-sort, randomize, flip, arrange & spreads.
• Integrates: social sharing, meditation & guidebooks
• Autosaves: timeline & journaling
• A community to buy & sell all kinds of decks
• New way for artists / creatives to sell their work & build an audience