Mindfulness Toolkit CD/mp3

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  • Adults looking for a simple, practical way to incorporate mindfulness skills into their life without having to spend 30 minutes ‘meditating’.
  • Anyone who has wanted to get started with a meditation practice but feels overwhelmed just thinking about it.
  • Individuals and groups who want to reap the emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual benefits that the compelling research on mindfulness is demonstrating.
  • Therapists and teachers who want an effective, practical resource to help their clients or students use mindfulness in and out of session or the classroom.

What if you could:

  • Finally understand what mindfulness is;
  • Learn ten practical mindfulness skills that you can easily incorporate into your daily life;
  • Use guided mindfulness meditations to calm down your ‘monkey brain’ and learn to be present;
  • Decrease anxiety, improve mood, increase concentration, sleep better;
  • Decrease the impact of stress on your health and well-being;
  • Better regulate your overall response to stress
  • Enjoy life more?

Well, now you can!

Researchers found that mindfulness practices like those on this CD/mp3 improve:

Mindfulness Skills for Stress

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • anger
  • overall wellbeing
  • joy
  • hope
  • contentment
  • long term mental health
  • eating disorders
  • attention and concentration
  • emotional regulation
  • self-awareness
  • compassion and acceptance of self and others
  • psoriasis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, low back pain
  • ADHD
  • sleep
  • substance abuse
  • the effects of stress
  • and MORE

Use these skills to:

  • Learn to breath in a way that turns down the stress response
  • Be able to slow down, calm down and be more present
  • Reduce the mental clutter and gain clarity
  • Have more energy
  • Sleep better
  • Improve your mood, outlook, and general well being
  • Decrease worry
  • Disengage from the inner critic
  • Disentangle the present from the past
  • Concentrate better
  • Be mindful when eating, driving, working, making love
  • Increase your enjoyment of your every moment
  • Let go of those negative thoughts
  • Remember wellness and heal in the present
  • Improve and appreciate your relationships
  • Be clear about and aware of your intention
  • Enjoy every precious moment

Mindfulness Toolkit: Practical Mindfulness Skills gives you ten practical mindfulness skills that when used regularly have been shown to help with all these things. These skills are designed to help you feel better, think better, and perform at your absolute peak.

The Mindfulness Skills include:

  1. Mindfulness of Breath
  2. Present Moment Awareness
  3. Mindfulness of Intention
  4. Mindfulness of Thoughts
  5. Mindfulness of Emotions
  6. Progressive Relaxation
  7. Remembered Wellness
  8. Mindfulness of Relationships
  9. Mindfulness of Tasks
  10. Mindfulness of Intuition

FYI: The meditation scripts and explanations for how to use these 10 skills are included in Mindfulness Skills Workbook for Clinicians and Clients.

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Mindfulness Tooklkit CD

CD – $20 Click Here to Order From Amazon Dark Blue
Digital MP3 – $9.99 Click to Order from Etsy

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