Success Stories

“Neurofeedback has helped me both academically and athletically. I used to daydream during class or wrestling matches; now I have the ability to really focus in completely on the teacher or the match and not be distracted at all. My sleep improved and the quality of my life improved dramatically.” GS

A.N., a nine-year-old client, had been kicked out of school for violent and aggressive behavior. He was on three psychotropic medications and two stimulants. Despite being on all this medication, he still had trouble with impulsivity, hyperactivity, concentration, and cooperation.His parents had abandoned him, and he lived with his grandmother. He worked with Deb for counseling and Neurofeedback.After 46 Neurofeedback sessions over the course of one year, A.N. was back in school, with good grades, good behavior, and a proud grandmother. And he was off all medication.

At the end of treatment, he said, “I have a new life.”

“Before I started Neurofeedback, I had anxiety so bad I couldn’t go to school, or see friends. After a few months of NF, I was back in school, on the honor roll and had a new job. NF has been like a miracle in my life. I can’t thank Deb enough—she’s always very personable and caring. She made me feel comfortable and safe.”
– AT

“Before working with Deb, my nine-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD and a processing learning disability. It was difficult for him to complete simple steps or tasks without getting distracted. His father or I would need to ask him repeatedly to do a simple task such as brushing his teeth, getting dressed, or even eating a meal. He had a difficult time in school, often feeling frustrated and inferior to the other students. He often came home complaining that the teacher was picking on him.We also noticed that about two to three times a year, typically near a season change or growth spurt, our son would have what we called a blowup. He would get upset about something simple and begin kicking, screaming, and hitting.He would usually end up being restrained by his dad or me until he could regain his composure.Since working with Deb, we have seen wonderful results. We have not experienced another blowup. Our son can now be asked to get dressed, brush his teeth, and put his shoes on, and most of the time he completes all three steps without reminding him at all! Dinner has become a pleasant experience with all of the family actually sitting down to enjoy it.

During the school year, he made some very close friends, and his self-esteem is significantly higher. He still struggles with his learning disability, but even that has improved slightly.

As a result of working with Deb, our son now feels confident and can complete the steps it takes to prepare for the day, and the entire family feels more in balance.”

E Elaine Jansen, mother of nine-year-old client
[email protected]

“Before working with Deb, I had a severe brain fog, like there was a monster in my brain smothering me. I had so much trouble concentrating. In fact, I always had trouble in school, never passed math, always had a hard time learning, and was always below grade level even though I studied way more than anyone else. My brain just didn’t stay with it.It would take me a couple of months to read a book even though I read every day. I had to reread and reread and couldn’t remember the characters. I drummed once per week, but I couldn’t concentrate enough to keep the beat.I felt very depressed, scared, and anxious. I experienced
terrible worry. And I felt really TIRED all the time.

Since working with Deb, my brain fog is completely gone. Now I can concentrate, my mood is happier, I smile more, I don’t cry anymore, I am more motivated, my attitude is better, and I feel so much more alive. I can handle stress better, and I don’t freak out like I used to. And I have been able to reduce my antidepressant medications.

Liz MartinNow I can read much better, and my reading comprehension has improved. I can remember the characters and what I read previously. And I read every night now that reading is much more enjoyable.

I feel much better about myself and who I am. I speak up for myself, ask for what I need, and feel much stronger. And I feel more solid spiritually.

Being with Deb is very joyful and uplifting. She helps me be strong. I love the hints and things she tells me that stick in my mind to make my life better. Deb is very encouraging. I wish I had come to see Deb a long time ago.

Liz Martin, Reflexologist

15 year old AT couldn’t attend school because of severe panic attacks. She couldn’t go to stores or visit friends. She had IBS, Fibroymyalgia, and couldn’t sleep. Various medications had not helped. 3 months and 24 NF sessions later, she had no symptoms at all! She attended school every day, rode the bus, ate well and spent time with friends. Her IBS and Fibromyalgia were totally gone, and she was 100% medication-free.

“I have tried a variety of treatment…and Neurofeedback is the only thing that has really helped me feel good…I no longer crave alcohol, very rarely get depressed or feel bad about myself—even at a challenging time in my life. I have learned to take small steps, enjoy life, be happy and be me, something I had trouble with. Debra Burdick is a very patient, accommodating, down to earth, knowledgeable practitioner.”
– JG

“My son was struggling in school and his daily activities due to ADD/ADHD and severe panic attacks. My husband and I exhausted all of our options medically and decided we needed to try some different methods but didn’t know where to start. We ordered Deb’s Home Study System for Parents-A Holistic Approach to Successful Children with ADHD, and discovered it was filled with extremely useful and practical information from Deb as well as various other experts.

Since implementing some of the ideas that Deb offers in this Home Study System my son with ADHD caught up on all his school work and was able to get back on the basketball team, and his panic attacks are nearly gone. We have become more knowledgeable about various ways that we can help make the journey our son is going through more successful for him and my entire family. I highly recommend this Home Study System to any parent whose child is struggling with ADD/ADHD. It is worth every penny.” Mother of 14 year old son.