Peak Performance

Peak Performance is when we are totally alert and focused while maintaining a relaxed physical body.  Athletes, executives, and students alike work best when they achieve this balance.  Often our body tenses up as we carry our stress and emotions in our body.  And concentration is hampered by a very distracted and distractible world which demands our attention often all at once.

Neurofeedback improves peak performance.  Peak performance training using Neurofeedback can be likened to training in a gym. With repeated exercise, just as muscles respond and gain strength, the brain similarly learns to self-regulate more and more optimally through Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback has been used for optimizing performance by athletes in world class football, basketball and hockey teams. It has been researched for golf performance enhancement and by racquet ball players. Studies at Imperial College London have shown that Neurofeedback enhances the performance of musicians and dancers. Opera singers, musicians and students have benefitted from Neurofeedback training to improve their performance, creativity and memory.

It is being used by professional sports teams, often right in the locker room, to improve brain self-regulation and attain and maintain peak performance.  It is also being used by executives, students, teachers, scientists, astronauts, performers and people just like you and me to tune up the ability of their brain to function at its best.

Mindfulness skills also improve peak performance as the brain learns to be fully alert while the body is relaxed.  Mental clarity and efficiency and improved concentration gained from using mindfulness contribute to peak performance.

PLEASE NOTE: As of December 31, 2014  Deb has retired from her private practice and is no longer accepting new clients so that she can concentrate on writing and teaching.  The above is for historical/informational purposes only.