Basics of Everyday Mindfulness – Free Teleseminar

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Speaker:  Debra Burdick, LCSWR, BCN

Date:  Thursday, March 14, 2013

Time:  9:00 – 10:30 PM EST (6PM PST, 8PM CST)

Live and Recorded

On this free teleseminar you will learn:

  •  What Mindfulness is
  •  The personal benefits of practicing mindfulness
  •  Four basic mindfulness skills
  •  How to incorporate mindfulness into your day
  •  Common obstacles to success and how to avoid them

This free telesminar is for:

  • Anyone who wonders what mindfulness skills are and what benefits they can provide.
  • Adults looking for a simple, practical way to incorporate mindfulness skills into their life without having to spend 30 minutes ‘meditating’.
  • Individuals who want to reap the emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual benefits that the compelling research on mindfulness is demonstrating.
  • Individuals who have wanted to get started with a meditation practice but feel overwhelmed just thinking about it.
  • Anyone needing a refresher on the basics of everyday mindfulness

This teleseminar will help you:

  • Finally understand what mindfulness is;
  • Learn four practical mindfulness skills that you can easily incorporate into your daily life;
  • Use guided mindfulness meditations to calm down your ‘monkey brain’ and learn to be present;
  • Decrease anxiety, improve mood, increase concentration, sleep better;
  • Decrease the impact of stress on your health and well-being;
  • Better regulate your overall response to stress
  • Enjoy life more!

Do you have a stressful life? Do you worry that you are being negatively impacted by the constant stressors present in today’s society? Are you afraid that stress might be making you sick or anxious or depressed? Are you looking for holistic strategies that will help decrease the effects of stress in your life or you client’s or student’s life?

I’ve been where you are. Many years ago I got sick and the doctors couldn’t figure out what it was. This put me on a healing journey that lasted many years. One of the pieces of the healing puzzle for me was learning and using mindfulness skills. Mindfulness skills helped me relax and create peace and healing from the inside out. They helped me ‘remember wellness’. They helped me decrease my pain, improve my immune function, decrease my anxiety about my illness and my life, and improve my outlook. They increased my ability to be present in my life in a way I had never before experienced. They taught me how to slow down and choose a response instead of automatically reacting to stressful events. I am grateful I learned about mindfulness and have used it to create health and happiness.

I bring this knowledge to you in this Basics of Mindfulness Teleseminar.

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Mindfulness can help you if you ever have trouble with:

  • trying to focus for any length of time
  • exhaustion
  • concentration
  • restlessness
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • organization
  • success at school or work
  • relationships
  • impulsivity
  • sleep
  • stress related health issues
  • feeling overwhelmed?

Or if you struggle to:

  • get things done on time
  • remember what you are supposed to be doing
  • manage emotions
  • counteract depression and anxiety
  • get good enough sleep
  • find time to relax?

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You are not alone!

Did you know that research indicates that over seventy percent of all visits to general medical practitioners are due to stress related illness? Did you know that stress related illnesses are being diagnosed at an alarming rate?

Researchers found that mindfulness practices improve:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • anger
  • overall wellbeing
  • joy
  • hope
  • contentment
  • long term mental health
  • eating disorders
  • attention and concentration
  • emotional regulation
  • self-awareness
  • compassion and acceptance of self and others
  • psoriasis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, low back pain
  • ADHD
  • sleep
  • substance abuse

I’m sure that we can all benefit from some help in a few of these areas. You already know how challenging it can be to find effective strategies to help with these issues. This Basics of Everyday Mindfulness teleseminar will teach you what mindfulness is, how it can help you, and guide you through 4 effective mindfulness skills that you can incorporate into your everyday life. These skills are based on evidence based research that proves their effectiveness. They are designed to teach you how to be more mindful in your life. They start with the age old mindfulness technique of awareness of breath and conclude with mindfulness of intuition. All of them help you to stop the busy chatter of the ‘monkey brain’, slow down, tune in and be more present in your life. Use of these skills will allow you to reap the benefits of mindfulness that are proven by research.

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Would you believe me if I told you within a short time you could start to reverse the effects of stress and feel more vital, think more clearly, and perform more effectively? What if you could:

  • Learn to breath in a way that turns down the stress response
  • Be able to slow down, calm down and be more present
  • Reduce the mental clutter and gain clarity
  • Have more energy
  • Sleep better
  • Improve your mood, outlook, and general well being
  • Decrease worry
  • Disengage from the inner critic
  • Disentangle the present from the past
  • Concentrate better
  • Be mindful when eating, driving, working, making love
  • Increase your enjoyment of your every moment
  • Enjoy every precious moment?

This Basics of Everyday Mindfulness will show you how mindfulness can help you with all these things.

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Debra Burdick, LCSW, BCN, also known as ‘The Brain Lady’, is an international expert on ADHD and Mindfulness. She is an award-winning, #1 best-selling author of: Mindfulness Skills Workbook, Mindfulness Skills for Kids and Teens, ADHD: Non-Medication Treatments and Skills for Children and Teens and Mindfulness for Teens with ADHD. She is an international speaker and retired psychotherapist and neurotherapist, who has been helping all ages thrive for over 30 years.

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