Neurofeedback Treatment for Clients with ADHD

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Neurofeedback is a specific type of biofeedback, which gives information to the client about his or her brain wave activity, and teaches them to control and regulate their brain and related emotions, behaviors and activity of the nervous system.

adhd neruofeedback biofeedbackDuring neurofeedback sessions, the practitioner will apply small electrodes to the scalp, which send the client’s brainwaves to a computer. The computer’s screen displays a video game, which the person plays without using their hands but rather by changing their brainwaves. is consistently posting up-to-date information and news on the long-term effects of neurofeedback treatments. Last October, had a large, wonderful announcement that can change many lives. The American Academy of Pediatrics now recognizes neurofeedback as a successful treatment or intervention for Attention & Hyperactivity in patients underLevel 1 — Best Support”.

Over time, neurofeedback training can improve an ADHD client’s focus and hyperactivity.

Par­ents of chil­dren treated with neu­ro­feed­back reported sig­nif­i­cantly greater reduc­tions in inat­ten­tive and hyperactive-impulsive symp­toms than par­ents of con­trol chil­dren, i.e. those who received com­put­er­ized atten­tion train­ing. The size of the group dif­fer­ence was in a range that would be con­sid­ered mod­er­ate”. Read More |


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Debra Burdick, LCSW, also known as ‘The Brain Lady’, is an international expert on ADHD and Mindfulness. She is an award-winning, #1 best-selling author of: Mindfulness Skills Workbook, Mindfulness Skills for Kids and Teens, ADHD: Non-Medication Treatments and Skills for Children and Teens, Mindfulness for Teens with ADHD, Mindfulness for Kids with ADHD, Mindfulness Skills for Kids Card Deck, and Radical Self-Care When You Are Ill Card Deck. She is an international speaker and retired psychotherapist and neurotherapist, who has been helping all ages thrive for over 30 years.

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