How to Create the Life You Want This Year

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Your LifeIs your life working the way you want it to?  As you look back over the past year how do you feel about your life?  Are you content with how it felt? Can you imagine living your life differently, achieving more, loving more, having more fun, slowing down and being more mindful, or attracting more abundance?  Do you wish your life was less stressful and overwhelming?  Are you doing what you love to do or only what you have to do?  Is there something you’ve always wanted to do but that you never get around to doing?

Use the following 3-step process to finally create a life that you truly love.

1) What do you want?  The first step in creating a life you love is to decide what you want.  You can’t make a dream come true if you don’t have a dream.  No one can do this step for you.  You must go within to figure this out.  Set aside some time to touch base with your inner guidance, your intuition, or inner wisdom.  Use a guided meditation such as my Mindfulness of Intuition to quiet your mind and tune out the outside world for about 10-20 minutes.

You can have anything you want if you are willing to give up the belief that you can't have it.Once your mind is still, ask for guidance on what a life you truly love would look like.  Pay attention to feelings, body sensations, images, nudges, memories, and thoughts that occur.  Tune in to what makes you feel good, happy, and valuable.

Repeat this several times over the course of a week.  Write down insights that you gain.  Pay attention to what you like about other people’s lives.  Notice what you already love about your life. Remember times that your life has felt good.

Create a Mind Map that includes all the things you want in your new life. A Mind Map can be a simple graphical representation of bubbles surrounding a central bubble on a page.  The central bubble says “My Mind Map.”  The surrounding bubbles each contain something you want in your life.  Play with this step and add bubbles and more detail to the Mind Map as you go along.

Intention2) Set your intention.  Now that you have a good idea about what your new life looks like, deliberately set your intention to focus on creating it.  This may involve taking action such as a task at work or in your home.  It also includes watching your thoughts, words, and feelings and choosing those that are consistent with your new life.  For example, if you tend to worry a lot, notice when you start to worry and stop yourself by saying “I don’t worry so much in my new life, so I will think about something that feels good.”  If you feel stressed-out and overwhelmed learn strategies to avoid and transform stressors.  This Transforming Stress teletraining is a great option for changing this pattern in your life.

3) Generate the feeling you are seeking.  This is the most important part of the process and the step that many people forget. Spend time every day thinking about how you will feel when you have created the life you love.  Imagine you are living your new life right now.  How do you feel? Now feel it, again and again and again.

I am in charge of how I feel. Today I choose happiness.If you want to attract a love partner, then imagine what you will feel like when you have one.  If you want to earn more money, put a $100 bill in your wallet and pretend that you spend it over and over again to get into the feeling of buying what you want.  If you want a new career, imagine how you will feel doing the tasks involved in that field.  If you want better health, remember a time when you felt really well and feel it in every cell of your brain and body. Use this powerful Remembered Wellness meditation to practice this.  If you want more clients imagine how it feels to have so many you need a waiting list.  FEEL IT.

You cannot move into a new life if you continue to feel the way you feel in the old life.  The Law of Attraction dictates this and so do the basic principles of psychology.  Learn to be present in your life and practice mindfulness throughout your day to gain awareness of your feelings.  Take the Mindfulness – the Basics and Beyond teletraining to learn how to do so.

Best Wishes.  Please let me know how you use this process to create your new life.

Debra Burdick, LCSW, also known as ‘The Brain Lady’, is an international expert on ADHD and Mindfulness. She is an award-winning, #1 best-selling author of: Mindfulness Skills Workbook, Mindfulness Skills for Kids and Teens, ADHD: Non-Medication Treatments and Skills for Children and Teens, Mindfulness for Teens with ADHD, Mindfulness for Kids with ADHD, Mindfulness Skills for Kids Card Deck, and Radical Self-Care When You Are Ill Card Deck. She is an international speaker and retired psychotherapist and neurotherapist, who has been helping all ages thrive for over 30 years.

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