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3 Steps to Get an Accurate Diagnosis

Have you ever wondered if you or your family member received an accurate diagnosis? Have you ever been diagnosed with something only to discover later that it was something else?  Have you had treatment that wasn’t working and found out that the diagnosis was incorrect? Many illnesses have symptoms in common with one another and(read more)

Extreme Self-Care for the Holidays During COVID

This holiday season is unlike any I have ever experienced.  At a time when we typically gather with our families, we are being advised not to because the risk of spreading COVID-19 is too high.  When we usually fill the stores to buy gifts, we are being asked to stay home, wear masks when we(read more)

Unlocking Your Potential Series: How to Begin

This is the first article in a series that will guide you through a proven process to unlock your potential in your life and your work.  We all want to feel successful and satisfied with life.  Most of us are doing our best to thrive at work or build a successful business and many are(read more)

Parenting? Great! But Who Takes Care of YOU?

Updated: 2021 Although parenting can be one of the most rewarding and joyful roles in the world, at the same time it can also be one of the most demanding, frustrating, exhausting and even overwhelming jobs in the world. If you are like most parents, you know that parenting a child can sometimes be really hard.(read more)

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